Commercial Solution

Commercial Solar Electric

Commercial photovoltaic (PV or solar electric) applications are becoming increasingly common throughout the US with good reason. Rapidly inflating utility rates, government incentives, and strong public approval make now the time to consider PV for your business.

Solar Energy Solutions offers full engineering and consultation services for your project. Solar arrays can be integrated into almost any aspect of your business landscape, from rooftops and carports to ground mounted arrays and unique translucent glass facades. Power production can range from a small percentage of your overall usage to every bit of your energy requirements.

Commercial Solar Hot Water

Solar hot water systems can substantially reduce the energy costs of commercial processes that use hot water. Cost effective systems can be designed for most applications that require heat. Uses include commercial cleaning processes, evaporators, heat exchange, public swimming pools, hospitals and more. The current tax incentives for use of renewable energy make solar hot water an excellent investment for your business with quick system payback. Various financing options are available depending on project scale.

Once a need is identified, Solar Energy Solutions will work to design a solar hot water array tailored specifically to your application. As a licensed plumbing contractor, Solar Energy Solutions makes use of premium components to ensure a reliable, 30 year solar hot water installation. All members of our staff participate in weekly solar-specific training as well as extensive safety training. Our deliverable is a high-quality, industrial-grade solar hot water system complete with as-built drawings, operations training, and complete system warranty.

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