Rooftop Solution

Rooftop solar installations or rooftop solar power systems on residential and commercial sites offer unparalleled energy and revenue generation opportunities. In fact, Residential and commercial roofs are the most under-utilized asset in the 20-year view. Large manufacturing plants and warehouses boast the largest un-shaded rooftop opportunity per square foot. Although smaller units can be placed on a residential building to cater to the captive power requirement making the residence power self-sustainable power in a residence.

Rooftop solar solutions that are easy to install, operate and offer cost effective access to solar energy. The solar power installation at TCS’s Siruseri campus, located 35 kms. away from Chennai, demonstrates the potential of solar power, which can be harnessed using idle roof top space to generate energy and reduce the organization’s carbon footprint.

Rooftop solutions for buildings of all sizes and purposes thereby reducing their environmental impact and energy costs. With increased awareness about the long term benefits of using solar energy and supportive government policies, more and more buildings are turning green by installing Roof-top PV systems.

Rooftop Solar Solutions include:

  • Solar PV Solution with Battery Back-up :
    This solution provides uninterrupted power for dedicated & critical loads like IT equipment, emergency lighting loads and lighting loads.
  • Solar PV Solution without battery back-up :
    This solution allows PV panels to be directly synchronized with the building LT panel to meet partial energy requirements of the building.
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