Inverter 950SG




Your True Power Signature Inverter works in any Village, any town or any region in India. A charging capacity of 100V to 300V and a charging of 12 A even on 120V makes True Power the super charging inverter.
It run to the computer without rebooting
BRINGS LIFE TO ABSOLUTELY DEEP DISCHARGE BATTERIES* – Inverter can charge the deep discharge (Zero Volt) battery.
Any Battery Fit (100AH, 120 AH, 150 AH, 160 AH, 180 AH, 200 AH, 220 AH)
Technolog- PWM (Pulse width modulation)

When ever solar power & main grid power both are available, it takes full doze amp charging current from solar panel to demand the battery depending on solar panal current. Just in case solar current available is no more than doze amp then its calls for balance power from the mains.

Only when there is absolutely no solar power, then it will take 12 amp from the mains.On the other hand in case of electric power cut during day time when solar is present the 12 amp load will be used the solar power panel and all of those other insert will run on {electric battery|battery pack|power supply}, thereby increasing the {back-up|back up} time.

So can you can save some cash on your electric bill increasing the uses of sun power.

If installed as additional Inverter for home, solar energy would be very helpful during frequent electric power cuts where minimum required power for charging the battery is not available from grid.

Generally main grid power is available in night to domestic consumer & power is lacking during peak hour. Solar power Hybrid UPS battery remains charged during the night time from grid power for early morning use and through day time it is charged through solar power for overnight usage, Consequently True Power Solar Hybrid UPS takes care of battery recharging problems and be sure to enjoy peace of mind.


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